The DLC in the Machine!

A wonderful ADA-ition to a wonderful game.

DOES Compute

The main story starts after you meet a robot named ADA whom you rescue from a gang of murder-bots. ADA watched her robot friends get destroyed and wants revenge on the one who controls the killer automatons: The Mechanist. In order to find his location, you have to scour the wasteland to find and destroy robots which have tracking beacons that will help you find the antagonising antagonist.


Shortly after starting the new storyline, players unlock the ability to add the robot workbench to a settlement and this is really what makes the DLC worth it. The new crafting station allows players to customize any robot companion or build new robots from scratch. When building new robots, or altering old ones like Codsworth, players can customize weapons, paint job, extremities, and voice module.

There are repeatable settlement quests to hunt down robots that can provide new parts and the customizations offer just as much freedom and room for creativity as the weapons bench. The new tool gives players the opportunity not only to make super cool looking killer robots, but also to customize companions the same way that so many other aspects of the game can be customized. Some missions are better suited for a flying robot, some are better if the player is accompanied by a slower robot with more armor, and others might call for a stabby robot. After spending some time customizing the companion robots and making changes based on each encounter, it’s hard to imagine going back to the usual canine or human companions.


The story may not be as rewarding as many players hoped it would be, but it really feels like the goal of this DLC was to unlock the robot crafting station and the few hours of campaign was just an added bonus. Similarly to the DLC released for fallout 3 this one feels like a set up for what’s to come. The new companion customization option opens up many hours of enjoyable gameplay and I feel for what Bethesda has in mind for their next DLC our companions will need to be ship shape to endure the journey.

The Good

- The Workbench
- Tons of Robot combat

The Bad

– Short story add-on
– a set up to a creshendo, rather than the creshendo itself

The Verdict

As a purchaser of the season pass before the price increase and the knowledge that this is but one in a long line of what's to come, as a first installment this gets a pass, thou it's not earth shattering the workbench alone is game changing.