Directly cut from the same cloth

Tequila Works brings its seminal indie survival horror game, Deadlight, to the next generation of consoles with Deadlight: Director’s Cut, (Graphics upgrade, new difficulty mode and a 'Survival' game mode)

The apocalypse is always better the second time around.

Deadlight: Director’s Cut is a post apocalyptic game set in the 1980’s, as per most post apocalyptic games, a zombie outbreak has brought humanity to the brink of annihilation. You play as Randall Wayne, a father searching the dilapidated ruins of Seattle for his family. Deadlight: Director’s Cut is the ultimate Deadlight experience, with improved game-play, controls, and an all new ‘survivor’ mode which pits you against an endless barrage of zombies with a few helpful items left conveniently around the hospital to help with the extermination.

deadlight direcots cut image 3

Visually the game is beautiful, a good blend of dark and eerie with a touch of noir  added for good measure. The controls are simplistic, (as they should be) the depth and difficulty comes from manoeuvring through the city and subsequent rat infested sewers without being overcome by hordes of zombies or falling short on a ‘run and jump’ segment, which sounds difficult to do, but with a few pixel perfect jump points you’ll find yourself coming up short more often than you might think, which isn’t what you want to hear, especially when theirs a difficulty mode which completely ends the game if you die once!

I did find the combat a little lacking with repetitive hacking and slashing with no repose action, however when i found a gun, i could, pardon the pun, chop and change between blowing off heads and vehemently smashing my axe into a zombie laying on the floor whilst my screen is shaking and Randall is struggling for breath. Alternate methods of extermination include but are not limited to setting traps for zombies, this is done by taunting them with ‘Y’ and then interacting with the environment whether it be by a car dropping from a crane you’re controlling or loose wiring being electrified to shocks them.

deadlight direcots cut image 7

The introduction of a literal survival horror game mode i this survival horror game is a welcome addition and does add some semblance of replay-ability to a game who story mode doesn’t really warrant a second spin. 

Deadlight: Director’s Cut is a game that hasn’t changed enough to justify an entirely new release, the game is still beautiful and has some redeeming qualities to it, if you haven’t played it before and your a fan of 2D side scrolling games I would definitely recommend picking it up.

deadlight direcots cut image 6
deadlight direcots cut image 12

The Good

- 'Survivor' mode is fun and adds replayability
- Immersive artstyle
– Satisfying zombie killing

The Bad

– Imprecise controls
– 'Hardcore' mode is near impossible because of pixel perfect jumps
– Not much has changed

The Verdict

Deadlight: the director's cut is very stylish and has tons of character, The story is minimal but engaging, and the ending is worth the 3-4 hours of game-play it takes to get there. The addition of the 'Survivor mode' creates some semblance of 'replayability' but for the most part it's a one and done game, which isn't a bad thing, especially in this instance. The unique art and design style holds together a solid, short, memorable experience.