World War Fun!

Destructive environments, beautiful graphics and an emotive campaign. A great instalment to the Battlefield series

Immense scale warfare

oh, and horses......HORSES!

Battlefield 1 breaks through all the monotony that most first and third person games come with today. They have decided to not continue the usual predictable linear time development formulae, which had our brave men and women gliding through space while shooting M16’s, but instead forgo thruster packs and pulse grenades, and take it back to basics, back to 1 (world war one to be more specific) which for me, is a breath of fresh air, in an other wise stale lazer beam infested play space.

The single player campaign and the multiplayer game-play of Battlefield 1 delivers on a grand scale. The perfect blend of destruction, grit and savagery (I could only assume) was writhe during the war. Great cinematic moments followed by heart wrenching executes keep the campaign fresh and exhilarating. Throughout, if you ever feel you need a top up on that exhilaration, you can always jump down off your horse and then charge at someone and impale them with a bayonet, worked for me at least.


Multiplayer… it works. Now with that being said, I can get into it a little deeper. As I mentioned before, breaking away from the genres typical troupe of continuing to go further and further into the future, opened Battlefield 1 up to a unique opportunity and that was to bring to life rich, large-scale historic maps in beautiful 1080p, which has been done masterfully. Guns and vehicles got the same treatment, everything from single shot rifles with bayonet attachments and ‘stick’ grenades to fighter bi-planes and some of the first iterations of tanks. Gadgets also got the retro fit, with the Medics defibrillator being swapped out for a syringe.

Maps: Battlefield 1’s maps are what you think they’ll be. Large, open plan battleground with 3 key phases of battle with soon to be ruins scattered about the the hopeful CQC’ers out there. Let’s face it, as soon as you think you can get some 1 on 1 action going on, you get shelled by a tank, sniped out of nowhere or rain down upon by a plane. The maps didn’t go far enough in a creative direction to warrant any double takes, they’re just there to act as a plate to hold the real veg and potatoes of a solid rock, paper, scissor battle. What I would of liked to see was something with a twist, an edible plate for example.


From war stories, to operations and conquest, Battlefield 1 is a solid addition to the franchise. The fact that the multiplayer works, is always enough to turn me into a convert, no factor in with that what this game is. Its a large-scale FPS that allows you to man zeppelins, mount horses, operate tanks and still somehow manages to feel balanced. Mechanics like charging and the introduction of mustard gas are all subtleties which had the potential to knock the balance and flow of the game off kilter, but it doesn’t. DICE has somehow managed to evade many, if not all, potholes and manoeuvred their way around to engineering a fun, versatile and unique gaming experience.


The Good

- Gritty combat
- Wide range of fun vehicles
– Everybodies input matters

The Bad

– Unbalanced classes

The Verdict

DICE deliver, in my opinion, the best addition to the Battlefield series. By looking to the future and taking their warfare to the past, DICE have helped create their own lane in the FPS melting pot.