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IPG is all about gaming, we enjoy all aspects of gaming and love sharing our opinion we've very recently decided to start reviewing games here on our site and after a quite lengthy hiatus we will soon be uploading more content to our YouTube channel. We enjoy playing and reviewing games both old and new. We aim to bring you the latest news from within the industry.


Visit our YouTube page to see some of our guides as well as some progression gameplay vids, high level competative gameplay vids and soon to come review vids.



Visit our daily updated Twitter page to get the most up to date news and all things gaming related as well as notifications for when we stream and prize give-aways to contributors.



Visit our Twitch page to see us play our favourite games live. Our streams are laid back, fun and insightful and we play everything from strategy games to first person shooters.



Visit our website to get reviews of the most recently released games as well as review for some of our favourite retro games, Soon we will be branching out into product reviews.

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